The eBook is now out!

I am excited to announce that I have finally managed to get the book up onto the Amazon platform. It has been quite a process and I apologise for the delays. Being in lockdown in Zimbabwe, with slow internet speeds, have hampered my progress somewhat.

The printed copies are still a work in process for Southern Africa. However our USA and European friends will be able to purchase a printed copy directly from Amazon, who can print on demand. Go directly to And type in my name to purchase your copy today.

Let me make mention of the cover. Uliana Mozgaleva has painted an original picture for me for the Southern African print copies. This talented woman, originally from Russia, has captured a beautiful, young warrior, covered in the armour of God, fighting for a better future in a dry and desolate wasteland. Contrary to the ‘damsel in distress’, this young lady appears confident and strong. She doesn’t need a man. However, she would appreciate a committed, lifelong companion to walk this journey alongside her.

For the eBook cover, I have worked on something a little bolder as regards design. Rather than portraying a particular woman, I have chosen to use the question mark as the focus. What does our future hold? Who does it include? How will I cope with the uncertainty that lie ahead? In this age of uncertainty, these are legitimate questions. My prayer is that this book will go some way to equipping you to deal with those uncertainties as a family.

I am excited about this journey and, if honest, daunted by all the social media work I need to do. Please would you help by spreading the word and, if you do buy a copy, leave a review.

Thank you for your love and support. I will do my best to keep you posted on developments.

Published by Wayne Nel

Husband to Georgia and dad to three incredible daughters. I am also a pastor of Revival Centre, a beautiful family filled with God’s flavours and colours situated in the heart of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I cherish authenticity as I live in God’s grace as a son. Secure in my identity, I love leading others into truth which sets us free and releases joy.

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